Brielle Kelsch

Age 15

Brielle is the perfect description of Daddy’s girls and I love it!! I have stressed to her the importance of not settling for anything less than the qualities she loves in her Dad. She and her dad are always quoting movies to each other. Brielle is pretty chill and hilarious. She doesn’t ask for much. I hiked up until the day she was born and was taking care of the hiking schedule in the hospital. Brielle is a cute little dancer. She has great rhythm. She took violin lessons, dance lessons, softball and basketball but didn’t love any of it until she started to cheer. She was on the High School cheer team that took State this year. She has been working in housekeeping at the resort this year and when she doesn’t go into work early before school, she wakes me up to go to spin class. I love when she comes running with us because she has a good pace for me. She doesn’t “love” running but doesn’t complain. She will miss her junior year of High School. She is our homebody and loves her own bed. All of the rest of our kids will all crash on the couches after falling asleep to a movie but Brielle always walks up to her room. At two weeks old she slept through the night when I put her in her own crib. I think if we can make sure her mattress is comfy and she can shut some drapes to her bunk bed on the RV she will survive. She typically is very patient and does a good job at helping me stay patient.


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