Bryson Kelsch

Age 17

Bryson was one when we started the resort. He was a baby boy that loved any ball. He grew up loving baseball. He also played basketball. Really anything Bryson tried he was good at. He would leave a baseball game and go straight to Hip Hop. He is also very musically talented. He learned to play the guitar and was the lead in his middle school musical. He has also fallen in love with anything with a board. He loves surfing behind a boat or at the ocean. He also loves to snowboard. Bryson worries about others which makes him the best older brother. He has often offered to take the punishment for a sibling because he hated seeing them being punished. He is our hugger but enjoys getting them from girls more now. Bryson has done several different jobs at the resort from weeding, washing vans, cleaning windows, doing dishes, serving in the kitchen and currently works at the front desk. Bryson will be making the biggest sacrifice to come on the trip as he misses his senior year of sports, friends and girls. We have talked with him about the option of staying back with family and not missing these things but he has decided to come. He has been torn with the decision and has struggled at times realizing that his “childhood days” are coming to an end. He has done a lot as a kid. He was old enough to watch us work hard and realizes that being an adult isn’t always easy. He has watched us go through some hard business struggles but we are excited to have this time with him and now he can witness the benefits of working hard. We are so grateful for such a loving, patient, talented, fun, smart son. He will be a huge help and fun part of our trip.


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