Cameron & Michelle

Founders, Movara Fitness

We have the cheesy High school sweetheart story. We started dating the summer before our Jr. Year of high school. Cameron served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after high school in San Antonio TX for 2 years.  I went to college and we were married a month and 5 days after Cam got home in May 2000. I finished my Bachelor’s degree in Fitness and Wellness Management from BYU.   We moved to St. George and started our family.  I worked for a resort in St George teaching fitness classes while Cameron took college classes. We started Movara in 2002 (23 yrs old) utilizing a Hotel and a fitness Gym next door. Cameron worked 3 separate jobs while we built the business.  We have experienced the American dream. Building the business was 24/7, 365 days a year, a lot of tears (mine), challenged our marriage, challenged my emotions, and challenged my confidence, and we experienced many challenging relationships.   We made it through the challenges that brought us to our knees, have been able to build a family along the way, and built a business that has influenced over 20,000 people.  It is humbling because this dream has been the result of many people, trials and experiences along the way.

People often say, “Go for your dreams.”  Although it’s important to dream, we believe it’s important to work hard and God will take care of the rest.  Nothing we have done or accomplished was ever a “dream” instead our life has turned out better than anything we could have dreamed.  Certainly not without times we didn’t know how we could continue.  We never dreamed of 6 kids, never dreamed of owning and being a part of a business that changes lives, living in a beautiful home on 2.5 acres, getting married to our high school sweetheart, and certainly never dreamed of living in an RV for a year but again we fully believe as long as we are doing our best, working hard, and keep God’s commandments, God will take care of the details better than we could and one day we will all look back and understand. We have no idea what this RV trip has in store for us. For now we are grateful we have the opportunity and excited to share our experience and the Movara message of hope, support and improvement along the way.

Definitely the fun parent! Cameron Loves yard work, movies, celebrating birthdays (especially his). He played baseball and basketball in high school. Works hard and fast because he can relax once the work is done. Cameron has always loved road trips and is excited for the challenge of backing up and fitting into tight quarters with the RV and traveling the states with 6 kids.  It takes a lot for Cameron to get annoyed or stressed. Unless you count a grade school kiss, Michelle is Cameron’s only Kiss.

Michelle likes to be productive and is driven.  Starting, Running a business and being the mom of 6 kids has taken its toll on my confidence and drive but isn’t stopping me from wanting to travel in an RV for a year with her family and very excited about our mini Movara events.  I love a busy, active day that includes a good workout.


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