Kade Kelsch

Age 10

It’s interesting how birth order influences traits. As the 4th child, Kade gets frustrated easily. Bryson and Trey were both smaller compared to their friends. Kade has been younger than most of his friends yet bigger. We have always thought Bryson and Trey were athletic and they are but we have been surprised by Kade and are excited to watch him over the years. My other boys were not lego lovers but Kade loves legos and enjoys coloring. He used to tag along with Trey and his friends a lot. He now has a little gang of friends he runs around with. His older brothers are jealous of his luscious hair. Most people ask how close in age Macie and Jada are but Kade is just as close in age to Macie. He too loves his Dad and as a toddler I had a one year old and a baby so I sent him with his dad as often as I could. He is working on keeping his hands to himself and practicing his patience so the close quarters in the RV are going to be interesting. He is smart and being young for his grade hasn’t struggled in school. He keeps up. We hired our first Program Director about a month or two before he was born. He is excited for the trip.


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