Macie Kelsch

Age 9

I don’t know if it is because Macie is just like me or maybe it’s because we share the same birth order but she’s probably the one who tries my patience the most. It’s hard for her to not be in charge. Maybe we are a lot alike. Having said so, she and Jada play better than I did with my younger sister. I wasn’t a very nice sister. Macie loves to play school and wants to be a teacher. She taught herself how to swim when she was 2 and is a little fish. She likes to have everything perfect which is hard when it comes to her hair because I am not good at doing hair. I am soooo excited for a year of her learning to do her own hair! She has done cheer, dance, soccer, tumbling (she gets light headed like her mom), and basketball. So far her favorites are dance and soccer. Although it tries my patience it is helpful that she remembers everything. She is our only child who begs to be tucked in every night. She was my infant who slept the most yet she is our only child that struggles to sleep sometimes. Sadly she got that from me too. Everyone else can sleep like their dad. I was pregnant with Macie when we signed with NBC’s The Biggest Loser show as The Biggest Loser Resort. She loves to play with her friends and has been the hardest to convince that this trip will be fun. She got excited about the trip when we told her we would remodel the RV.


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