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Meet the Kelsch Family

Cameron & Michelle
Cameron & MichelleFounders, Movara Fitness
We have the cheesy High school sweetheart story. We started dating the summer before our Jr. Year of high school. Cameron served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after high school in San Antonio TX for 2 years …
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Bryson Kelsch
Bryson KelschAge 17
Bryson was one when we started the resort. He was a baby boy that loved any ball. He grew up loving baseball. He also played basketball. Really anything Bryson tried he was good at. He would leave a baseball game and go straight to…
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Brielle Kelsch
Brielle KelschAge 15
Brielle is the perfect description of Daddy’s girls and I love it!! I have stressed to her the importance of not settling for anything less than the qualities she loves in her Dad. She and her dad are always quoting movies…
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Trey Kelsch
Trey KelschAge 13
Trey gets away with the most because he figures out how to get what he wants. I would say he is the best when it comes to jobs around the house but only because he is motivated to go do something else. He does not sit still…
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Kade Kelsch
Kade KelschAge 10
It’s interesting how birth order influences traits. As the 4th child, Kade gets frustrated easily. Bryson and Trey were both smaller compared to their friends. Kade has been younger than most of his friends yet bigger…
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Macie Kelsch
Macie KelschAge 9
I don’t know if it is because Macie is just like me or maybe it’s because we share the same birth order but she’s probably the one who tries my patience the most. It’s hard for her to not be in charge. Maybe we are a lot alike…
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Jada Kelsch
Jada KelschAge 8
The birth order stereotype also fits with Jada as our last child. I kind of thought with her and Macie being so close (14 mo.) that she wouldn’t act like the youngest but she definitely does. She reminds me of…
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