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Why Travel in a 300 Sq. Ft. RV for a Year?

Why we are leaving a beautiful 10,000 sq ft. home, work, friends, sports, and hobbies to travel in a 300 sq ft. RV for a year.

During our fall break our family rented an RV and took a trip to Moab, Ut.  As we were driving with our family all together with no football, baseball, basketball, friends, cheer, tumbling, or dance, I was reminded that we only have one more year before our oldest, Bryson, will be graduating from High School.  Bryson was 1 when Cameron and I started Movara and although we love everything that our kids are involved in, between their busy schedules and our work, the past 17yrs have flown by.  Although the years of diapers, nursing, and strollers I don’t miss, I do not want to look back and regret the many hours we were busy working. For years we have provided a life changing experience for over 18,000 guests.  While driving with our kids in the RV, I had a life changing idea we could do as a family. I asked everyone what they thought about traveling around the United States for our last year together as a family. With 50 states and 52 weeks in a year, I thought we could visit each state for a week, give or take. As the idea evolved, I thought it would be fun to visit our guests that have come to Movara from all over the United States by hosting Morava events along the way where guests could reconnect and reset with a mini experience they could share with Family and Friends.  We have had a very successful business and while being known as The Biggest Loser Resort from 2009-2014 we were very busy.  Before and since the NBCs show, guests always say, “we are the best kept secret.” After 17 years of providing an effective program that has built its success off of repeat and referral customers, we are excited to let the secret out as we share our message of hope, support and improvement across the United States.

We are excited for the memories, the education and the learning that will take place over the next 12 months. The timing of where we are in our business allows us to be away. We have an amazing staff who works hard to provide the life changing experience. We are very confident in their abilities while we are gone. We will continue to stay in constant communication but will also be letting them do what they do best.

Michelle Kelsch  |  Founder