Trey Kelsch

Age 13

Trey gets away with the most because he figures out how to get what he wants. I would say he is the best when it comes to jobs around the house but only because he is motivated to go do something else. He does not sit still. Cameron and the kids love to unwind with movies but Trey isn’t always a fan. Thankfully, he does like a few video games. This kid is scrappy on the basketball court. He loves to steal the ball. He is fierce on the football field and loves interceptions. He is a quick little baseball player. He is always trying to steal bases. Right now, you will find him on his mountain bike or dirt bike and wants to be a professional dirt bike rider. It’s not surprising that he has cost us the most in hospital bills from stitches, broken jaw, and broken bones. We found out a year ago that he has a disease called EOE and is allergic to dairy. We hope to be able to keep him busy enough on the RV that he doesn’t get bored. Trey was the reason we got rid of the play room at the resort. He did not like being confined to a little room and could not be quiet.


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